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Gap Yah

Orlando is taking a detour from his travels to Peru, Tanzania and Burma and following in the footsteps of countless other Gap Yah kids and doing a season yah.

My guess is he'll tucking into the "Jaeger bombs" and apres ski in Meribel, Chamonix and Verbier and chundering everywhere on the piste!


from Wikipedia..

Gap Yah is a comedy sketch that gained widespread popularity and press coverage, especially in the United Kingdom, after being published on the video-sharing site YouTube. It was created and performed by Oxford University graduate Matt Lacey of sketch comedy theatre troupe The Unexpected Items. The video was produced and directed by VMproductions and The Unexpected Items, originally from the School of Oriental and African Studies.[1] The video became a viral hit, with 660,000 views in its first month and around 50,000 "fresh hits a day"[2] in late March 2010.[3] To date (December 2011), the clip has been viewed over four million times.

I'm sure at some point Tarquin and Pandora will be joining him for his apres ski shenanigans at the infamous Dicks Tea Bar




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