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The Feeling

Brit nominated, UK number 1 selling platinum band The Feeling need little introduction.

After starting their humble beginnings touring the Alps on a wing and a prayer back in 2004, they shot to the dizzying heights of international acclaim...


Four years ago The Feeling were right in the middle of what bassist Richard Jones describes as, “that mad wave of excitement” that greeted their arrival at the very heart of the British pop scene. Here was a band in love with Wings and ELO and Elton John and 10cc – after years of po-faced indie no-marks they were the most brilliant, bracing breath of fresh air. A band who cut their teeth playing joyous Abba, Buggles and Bangles covers in an Alpine ski resort, a band interested in “great big choruses with great big hooks” were, quite rightly, being heralded as one of our very best new bands.

“Whatever we write will always sound like Dan’s voice and our band and at some point all our backing vocals will probably come soaring in!” laughs Richard. “That is our identity and you should never, ever be scared of your identity.”

Here they are at the Chaudanne in in Meribel (ehem!)


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